interesting thing that you have seen this week

What is the most interesting thing that you have seen this week?!? Post an image of it and tell us why it “speaks to you”

This is the most interesting thing Ive seen this week. This painting is made by my best friend. I love how unique and abstract it is. The cactus and the other plant have this sense of life and movement to them. I especially like how the night time sky is starting to creep in the painting from the upper right hand corner. And the tree has amazing visual flow.





photograph from the presentation

What was your favorite photograph or body of work from the presentation today? Why? Please post your favorite image(s), your thoughts, and a link to the artist’s website (or an informational page about the artist).



I enjoyed Hiroshi Sugimoto‘s theatre pictures the most from the presentation today. In the first picture, the architecture of the theatre is breathtaking. The design is intricate, complex, vintage, and looks like something out of a castle.                                                                            The second picture is located in a playground, completely different from the first. It’s still very interesting to me because ive never seen a  theater in a playground.

three images to communicate something about the current state of humanity to an extraterrestrial being

The first image I would send is a picture of myself, so that the extraterrestrial being could see what I look like, and also have an understanding of what other humans features may look like.



The second picture I would send is a picture of earth so that they knew what planet I was on, and what my planet from space looked like.



The third picture I would send is a landscape picture showing as much as I could about how earth looks like from a human. I would use this picture because is shows a body of water, land, the sky, and snow. They would have an understanding of what all of these would look like all in one picture.


5 examples of artworks that you like–


Miller McCormick, designed the album art for Faces. This art piece always makes me happy because it is from my favorite mixtape. I love all the intricate shapes and how you can use your imagine to see objects within these shapes. The use of primary colors and pastel colors go together nicely with this piece. 


This painting it called cuddle. The artist is Alex Grey, he does not have any other information of this piece on his site. I love how complex and colorful this piece is. There is a lot of emotion and spirituality involved with this piece I find unique.

l_lightstorm.jpgFile name lightstorm Egyptian b.jpg Copyright William Lesch 2012 Image Size4503x3000 / 3.6MB

This is one of my favorite photographs by William Lesch. I am drawn to it because the editing is crazy in the best way possible. I also love the use of complementary colors.


“Akhenaton Amenhotep IV

Material limestone

Size 43.5 cm x 39 cm

Created Amarna Period, 18th Dynasty, New Kingdom

Discovered Haus Q 47.16

I love this piece because this style called the Amarna style had changed traditional Egyptian art that was kept the same for hundreds of years. I love the “misshapen” and unique body figures of the Pharaoh and his family.




Two bicycles mounted on stainless steel posts with neon lights

73 x 82 x 26 inches
(185.4 x 208.3 x 66 cm)


This photo really catches my eye I love the lighting of this picture and the use of lighting on the bikes. Its a calm but also a loud picture.